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Our Approach: 3 simple concepts

1) The platform is intended as a change management tool, therefore cannot be limited to HR management only. Introducing the feedback culture in the workflow, involving and meeting the needs of a plurality of company actors is of foremost importance.

2) The action of change requires new instruments and cultural change. Training activities can offer models of behavior to inspired/be adapted to. A combination of new tools and managerial training activities are needed to get an advanced organizational model.

3)Changing” is always difficult and often entails efforts and renounces to habits; for this reason such action must be encouraged, not only suggested. Incentives can be social rewarding and economic benefits to align the components of rewarding with the desired behaviours.

Our Tool: Get started with PatPat360

How can an HR Team analyze and steer informal structure and people development in large Organizations operating in complex business environment?

PatPat360 enables HR professionals to engage people with increasingly diverse attitudes and expectations through a series of appealing feedback modes and social recognition features.

PatPat360 helps to keep track of employees’ talents, achievements and areas of improvements, combining a white label corporate Social Network, a portfolio of Performance Appraisal tools and rich HR Analytics.

Being able to measure results and influence actions, HR Managers will gain a crucial impact on people development and the informal organization!


A new Tool for Measuring Generation Z Engagement

Generation Z and Millennials have been entering the workforce, bringing change. They are challenging the way the work gets done and creating new demands in the workplace. Like no other generation, they want more collaboration and feedback at work, since they are used...

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